Interior Design - How To Decorate For Chrismukkah

The holidays are a very magical time of year especially once you have kids so we wanted to figure out how we can do this in a really fun way but we've got a few challenges we're celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah there's two kids under the age of five we have two cats so you know

there's a lot going on and it's a small house so how can you kind of make it feel magical without not being a functional space anymore we're often told that you need to choose are you modern and Scandinavian do you like felt

or are you glamorous and I don't think you have to make that distinction I like breaking the rules I think those things balance each other out to me it was really important that when we do Christmas in our house it still feels

like our house and it feels like our families it becomes a special day when you can put on music and decorate the tree together so I think it really works to have some cute felt ornaments or non-breakable ornaments so the kids can

really participate you're not super stressed about that yeah I wanted to do something different this year so we've mixed some really tiny twinkle lights with a lot of candles and then tied some ornaments together these are all glass

ornaments that maybe aren't going on the tree now that there's a 19 month old running around if you don't want tons and tons of presents under the tree it can be really cute to stack them on a shelf because gifts can be beautiful

decorative items and add to the day court below the tree is a beautiful faux fur rug from home sense if you can't find the right tree skirt you want and then when it's not Christmas you can use the rug in the home anyway and it looks

great in the dining room we have our sort of Hanukkah sideboard with all the different menorahs when you have people over for dinner everyone can light their own menorah it's sort of like the more the merrier I always loved doing

Hanukkah baking and if I can't do Hanukkah baking I'll run him by something but pretty Hanukkah cookies are always a lot of fun it's great mixing old with new so I have a lot of pretty ornaments and then I have stuff

from Edwards when he was a child and I also stuff that was given to us by people when the kids were born baby's first Christmas mix it all together it's more important to have something that's

sentimental that means something to you then have it match perfectly at the end of the day it's a really fun time of year and it gets more and more fun each year as the kids get older because they're really aware of what's going on

I think it's a gift to them that they get to celebrate two holidays two sets of traditions twice as many yummy treats hopefully not twice as many gifts but it's fun for the kids it's fun for us and we really get into the spirit of the season.


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