Interior Design - Elegant Basement Makeover

Basements are always a challenge because you have so many non pretty elements that you have to hide work with it was closed in and claustrophobic all these little weird rooms what I really loved about this client was that she had a

strong vision from the get-go even though it was a basement and even though it was for the family and needed to be practical she wanted a sense of luck living room started with the material for the fireplace I would say the

fireplace was on the wish list everyone wants that focal point we found this material which is actually porcelain it looks like a gorgeous really strong veined natural stone it set the tone for this living room that color palette the

feel and we just really ran with it from there we went for low built-ins because we want obviously the windows to get as much light in as possible and we went with a nice dark gray so that they blend it a little bit more into the fireplace

often in an open long face you end up with this end that seems unusable and this is the perfect place to put the games table that are beautiful farron end table in here with a walnut top and the modern chairs and can't leave it

lamp and it's a great spot that is family to gather and play one of my favorite spots to design believe it or not is under stair because to me it's found space in this case it was a perfect spot to put the kitchenette it

allowed us to get their bar that they wanted a beautiful backsplash which continues the look from the fireplace and adds a little bit of sparkle and it uses a space really well the laundry room used to be under the stairs with

this little tiny somewhat scary bathroom behind it we pushed it back so that we could open up the stair area and we still managed to get in a really decent sized bright and airy laundry room and the best part about this laundry room I

think is the floor inexpensive porcelain tile in hexagon shape we use three colors and made a pattern and it looks expensive but it wasn't and I think it's made all the difference in there the bathroom is the best part down here she

had a strong vision for here she wanted dark gray she wanted inexpensive subway tile she wanted to put the money into a beautiful vanity vanity is custom made it has gorgeous brass fittings sort of

industrial legs a nice usable shelf and it's marble on top it's a really functioning vanity far as bathrooms go it's one of my favorites you would never know looking at it but it's in a basement this was one of my favorite

projects one of my favorite clients because she has such strong ideas and ideas I liked so it was fun to design she picked quality pieces she allowed us to do what we do best and that is to design a beautiful space that's going to last both style and function.


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